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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Cochise Country Music Festival is committed to providing a comfortable and relaxing entertainment experience in which you can always expect to be treated in a consistent, professional and courteous manner by all venue, security and operations personnel. The safety of our fans will always be our number one priority!

Cochise Country staff and performers have the same rights, and fans are responsible for their own behavior. With that in mind, please remember to include this basic common-sense approach to your own Cochise Country Music Festival code of fan conduct:

- Fans may not interfere with the event and/or performers in any manner.

- No outside food or drinks inside venue area.

- No pets allowed.

- Recommend bringing personal lawn chair. Seating may be limited or reserved.

- Please refrain from using abusive language or obscene gestures.

- Fighting, throwing objects or other behavior deemed detrimental to the experience of other guests will result in you going home early.

- For those of you who choose to consume alcohol, please do so in a safe and responsible manner. Intervention with an intoxicated or impaired fan will be handled in a prompt and efficient manner.

- Please comply with requests from festival staff regarding venue operational and emergency procedures.

- In helping to maintain these high standards, Cochise Country fans are encouraged to report inappropriate behavior to festival staff. Remember: SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.

- Violation of the Fan Code of Conduct may result in eviction from the venue without a ticket refund.

Once again, and most importantly, be safe and have fun!

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